Santa Throne Hire

Look at the options for hiring an entire Throne Setting down to a Throne by itself.

Santa's Throne Settings

Santa's Throne Settings are a very popular hire item during the festive season. The "Standard" setting comes with the following components:

  • Gold Throne with plush maroon velvet cushion and back.

  • 1200 X 1200 X 200 mm red rostra.

  • 2 X Illuminated and decorated 1800 mm trees.

  • 2 X set of three illuminated 'gift boxes'.

  • 1 X illuminated Christmas Wreath/Garland for front of rostra.

  • Tested & Tagged cables and power board to connect to standard 240 v power.

People have many contributing factors to consider if they are going to hire a Santa's Throne Setting. 

  • Budget.

  • Space and venue

  • Duration of Hire

  • Aesthetic and design parameters.

Click the link to see some popular Santa's Throne configurations with photos assist your decision making.

Other Additions.

Here are some other options you might want to consider to add to your Santa's Throne Setting hire.

  • A weather protective marquee

  • Small PA or sound system

  • A white back drop

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