Matt Press'd -Hamm


What's on the menu Matt?

Matt Press'd-Hamm is the distant cousin, twice removed from the erudite and loquacious Matt Preston from TV's Master Chef series.

Best suited to corporate entertainment & culinary events, proudly sporting  his signature cravat and honoured badge of a rampant gourmand, Mr Press'd-Hamm will regale your guests with sophisticated tales from sushi to sausages, consommé to southern fried chitlins and all manner of epicurean delectation in between.

Matt is renowned for teaming up with his fellow epicureans Georgina Colombaris & Manu Felloff, to perform their hilarious, "Disaster Chef"- Food Quiz & Interactive Cooking Games, where your guests form teams to test their gastronomic wits and participate in hilarious, synergistic activities, in order to win the honoured title 'Team Disaster Chef'.

Fire up the Grill

Disaster Chef Video on the way....

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