The Boots'N'All

Bush Band

It's a Beaut, Mate

Are you looking for exciting, interactive roving entertainment? 

How about some live musical fun, where everyone gets to join in?

Do you want to engage your guests with quirky photo and social media opportunities? 


The Boots’N’All Bush Band is a great way to get people excited and joining in. Fantastic for breaking the ice, getting people involved and an instant hit for photo and social media posts. 


We rove your venue singing well known Aussie songs, invite your guests to join the band and show them how to play wacky and iconic ‘instruments’ like: lager-phone, box bass, wash-board, ukulele, wash-tub bass, spoons, click sticks and the suit-case drum. 


Our songs are easily recognisable: Waltzing Matilda, Home Among the Gum Trees, Botany Bay, Land DownUnder and many more. We even have hats to share so your guests feel and look like part of the band.


The Boots’N’All Bush Band are a bunch of Aussie characters with a swag of enthusiasm and a cart load of instruments to share with your guests. The size of the band is scaleable so we can readily accomodate your budget and venue requirements.


Just the thing for Australiana Themed events, like Australia Day or end of year family parties and an amazing way to engage your guests at International Conferences.

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