Texas Jack and Daisy Mae

Home on the Range


Howdy pardners! Did yer ever feel like yer had a hankering' for the good ole days?

To spend yer time a'wittlin' on the porch and settin' back watching the sun disappearing in the west?

Well Texas Jack & Daisy-Mae Clementine are fixing' to make your dreams come true.

With a heapin' helpin' of old style, good time music that will get yer spurs a'jinglin' and yer toes a'tinglin'. 'Home On the Range' is a musical show that pays tribute to all your favourite 'Wild West' songs, from films, television and the Grande Ole Opree. 

The audience gets to join in and sing along with well known favourites like:

"I'm An Old Cowhand, Tennessee Waltz, Home On the Range, Rawhide,

Buttons & Bows, Don't Fence Me In, Stand By Your Man, Yellow Rose Of Texas", to name a few.  To ask a question or make a booking, click the link to our Contact Page.

Down at the Ole Corral

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