"Getting the Scoop"

This news just in...

Today's headlines are unanimous, Paparazzi are known worldwide as the scourge of modern civilisation, a blight on humanity, pushy, invasive, scene stealing, ... and they're HILARIOUS!

Imagine the delight of your guests when arriving at your event being greeted and fussed over by a rampant press corps, intent on devouring their opinions, drooling over their party attire and taking their photos from the most flattering of angles.

The PAPARAZZI are a huge hit for corporate entertainment, or even as party entertainment, just like Hollywood at home! Dressed like the PAPARAZZI of old with hats, trench coats, bow ties, pencils poised and camera flashes at the ready.

Available in swarms of one up to a bakers dozen.

Paparazzi- the news that's fit to read.

The Paparazzi getting the scoop.

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