Captain Pete the Pirate

"Shiver Me Timbers"

Being a Pirate and a Scallywag

Captain Pete the Pirate has been a children's party entertainment favourite for over a decade. He arrives at the event with a swag of interactive nautical fun and mischief for the sea faring scoundrels, including games of 'Walk the Plank', Juggling Canon Balls, a Treasure Hunt. He sings a variety of sea shanties and everyone gets a ballon animal. The Captain Pete show is good for children aged 4-8 years old and can be performed in your lounge or rumpus room or in the back yard or at a park.

Captain Pete and his Scurvy crew can also visit social events, cultural & community festivals and nautical themed corporate events. 

All Aboard me hearties

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The Scurvy crew.

The whole Pirate crew for a corporate event.